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Sativa Menu- 

Cannabis Sativa is generally indigenous to places where climates are warm and the growing season is long and fruitful. Many of the base strains for some of our crosses hail from some of the most famous locations on earth, like Thailand, India, Mexico, and Colombia. When consumed, sativas tend to produce more cerebral effects as opposed to physical and sedative ones.


Indica Menu -

Cannabis Indica plants are usually native to the Hindu Kush Mountains in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Compared to their sativa counterparts, the plants are shorter, bushier and have more compact flower structure. This species tends to produce more relaxing physical effects and can have a sedative quality. 

Discount Menu- 

We frequently put items into our discount shelf including Sativas, Indicas, Concentrates and Cartridges. Check out this menu to see our deals and what might now be on sale!


Cartridge Menu -

Cartridges are pre-loaded with concentrated marijuana oil. Cartridges screw on to the battery of a vape pen with a 5/10 threading. When your cartridge is empty just unscrew it from the vape pen and purchase a new one. E-Joints are another fast and easy way to vape. These are very similar to a disposable e-cig, but have no tobacco only concentrated marijuana oil. Like the cartridges, the e-joints can be disposed of once empty.

Concentrate Menu -

Concentrates like wax, shatter, & oil are high potency marijuana extracts. These are used in multiple ways, such as dabbing, vaping, and sometimes used ontop of bud. 

Joint Menu-

Marijuana that is rolled up already for you! Sometimes they are even infused with oil! Most pre-rolled joints can be a little tight so be sure to loosen them just a little before lighting up and puffing away!

Shake Menu-

Shake is referring to the loose leaf and bud bits found at the bottom of your bag or stash. Shake is usually cheaper than regular bud and not quite the same quality either. Shake has many names including schwag, shake, bud blaster, and trim. Shake is great if you're on a budget, rolling joints, or even baking.



CBD Menu-

What is CBD? Click this link to learn more!  Learn more about CBD here!

Edibles & Topical Menu -

Marijuana-infused edibles vary from chocolate truffles all the way to hot sauce and sodas. Edibles affect each person differently. Most people describe the high as an enveloping, full-body effect. Most edibles take an hour or more for the effect to reach fullest expression. Go easy and do not eat too much! 

A topical is a type of cannabis product where the active properties of the flowers have been extracted and added to a product such as a lotion or a cream that's applied to the skin. The beneficial properties are absorbed through the skin and can give muscle and skin relief.